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Practical Guide to Incoterms

Practical Guide to Incoterms



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Incoterms rules are a total of eleven terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce, which define costs, risks and obligations of buyers and sellers in international transactions. The purpose of the Practical Guide to Incoterms ebook is to provide companies and international trade executives with a practical guide that allows them to understand  and use Incoterms correctly at three levels: legally, logistically and commercially.

This eBook analyses the eleven Incoterms, providing in-depth explanations of concepts such as: place of delivery and reception of goods, loading/unloading, delivery documents, export/import procedures, transfer of risks in transport, insurance, methods of payment, allocation of costs between seller and buyer, etc.

To help in understanding the texts, numerous graphs, summary tables and examples are included that explain the obligations of sellers and buyers. Moreover, for each Incoterm there is a practical advice section and examples of the international trade operations for which they are most suitable.

The Practical Guide to Incoterms is an essential tool for exporters, importers, brokers and commercial agents, forwarders and logistics professional, bankers, insurers, consultants, international lawyers, trade associations, chambers of commerce as well as teachers and students of international trade.

Table of Contents

¿What are Incoterms rules?

  • Classification of Incoterms 2010
  • Main changes in Incoterms 2010
  • Aspects of foreign trade that Incoterms do not regulate
  • Variants of Incoterms

¿What are Incoterms used for?

  • The place of delivery
  • Documents and customs procedures
  • Transfer of risks in transport
  • Allocation of logistics costs

Obligations of the seller and the buyer

  • EXW Ex Works
  • FCA Free Carrier
  • FAS Free Alongside Ship
  • FOB Free On Board
  • CPT Carriage Paid To
  • CFR Cost And Freight
  • CIP Carriage And Insurance Paid To
  • CIF Cost, Insurance And Freight
  • DAT Delivered At Terminal
  • DAP Delivered At Place
  • DDP Delivered Duty Paid

Ten keys for the professional use of Incoterms


OLEGARIO LLAMAZARES is an economist, international trade adviser and managing director of Global Marketing Strategies. He has nearly thirty years experience in the fields of foreign trade, marketing and international negotiations. He is the author, among other publications, of How to Negotiate Successfully in 50 Countries. He is also a professor at IE Business School and has been a featured speaker in numerous seminars and events for international managers.
22,00 €


22,00 €
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